Friday, March 22, 2013

DIY - Golden Polkadot Bowls ($1 Store Craft)

Happy Friday Bloggies! Its almost the weekend - where we get to sit on our butts and wish we had money to shop and/or redecorate the house! This weekend I plan on ripping wallpaper off the walls and then laying on the couch because the weather ain’t supposed to be that great…

Speaking of redecorating and wishing for money, last night I was inspired to create a dollar store craft. I was inspired by For Chic Sake - such an easy project that looks so classy!

Golden Polkadot Bowls
NOTE: Do NOT eat out of this bowl. Spraypaint is not good for you.

Step 1: Gather supplies!
White bowl - $1
Stickers (could use any shape! these circle garage sale stickers worked great) - $1
Gold spray paint (had some at the house already) – free!
Painters tape (had some already) – free!

Step 2: Stick those stickers! (Actually wash the bowl first so there’s no dust or anything) Make sure you stick those stickers really well, wouldn’t want any paint seeping underneath! Also, tape around the outside.

Step 3: Spray that sucker! One coat will do. Then let it DRY. I got a little overeager and started pealing the stickers too soon. Be patient! After about an hour, peel away. Some paint may have gotten underneath your stickers and left less than perfect circles. Its cool, mine did – it adds character.

Step 4: Bring it to your office to make all your coworkers jealous or your sweet one-of-a-kind paperclip holder.

TIP: So many color options! A patterned bowl with black spray paint? A black bowl with neon spray paint? These would make great gifts!

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  1. That's so cute! And easy and cheap and I like it. Good job girl :)


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