Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Asking my Bridesmaids

Its Wedding Wednesday! Probably my favorite link-up of the week! (tied with #backthatazzup Friday…)

As soon as M.E. put a ring on it, I knew without a doubt who I would have stand by my side on my wedding day. And I'm sure they knew it already too. But I officially asked my bridesmaids to be my maids a little over a month ago, the morning we went to the bridal dress salon. Unfortunately, they only got half of their gift at that time because of a shipping mishap. Had the gifts been complete, this is what they would have looked like:

 I stenciled their initials on to plain craft bags (in white) and the tissue paper was pink (not white like the pic...)

 Inside each bag was one of these framed sayings (that I printed and hand traced)

Will you be my bridesmaid? I promise there will be no ugly colors, bows on the butt, puffy sleeves.
They say I'll need someone to hold up my dress when I have to pee. Will you be my bridesmaid?

I would like to ask you to be my bridesmaid with the understanding that you will not attempt to look better than me.

 And a wine tumbler with their names, so they won't spill on their pretty dresses!
Purchased from this lady. I can't seem to find her shop anymore, maybe its because she was a horrible shipper!

 The girls seemed to like them and I had a blast picking them out!

Wedding Wednesday

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  1. oh my this is such a great idea.. i must write this down to use this some day! Love it!

  2. Loooooove the tumblers!! Glad you finally got them! Worth the wait?

  3. How cute! This is a fantastic idea!

  4. Wow, you went all out. I didn't do anything special to ask my bridesmaids. I sorta regret that. Love the tumblrs. So cute!!


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