Tuesday, November 6, 2012

10 things with $1 Million Dollars

So I had a dream last night that my direct-deposited pay check was $1 million dollars. It was an awesome.

So, inspired by that, here are the ten things I would do if I became an millionaire over night.

1.    Buy a Louis Vitton.

2.    Pay for AJ, Nick, and Mark’s college tuition.

3.    Take my entire extended family on a tropical cruise.

4.    Go on a 3 Divas trip to San Fran with Ma & Mimi.

5.    Explore Italy with Boyfriend.

6.    Buy a new house with a big kitchen and a big closet.

7.    Payoff our townhomes.

8.    Prepay to become Seminole Boosters for 10+ years.

9.    Save for a dream wedding.

10. Save for future children.

Also, ladies & gents, go VOTE! I have no hesitation in sharing who I endorse. He's the best guy for me, he is what makes sense to me - this is the guy who aligns with what I feel pressingly important. Today  - go vote for your guy!

Very truly yours, A. Bean

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