Sunday, January 27, 2013

Feeling Handicapped and Very Loved

Can you tell I got a little work done on the page?
 New banner! New signature! Even created my first grab button!

All thanks to Boyfriend, being such a strict doctor this weekend and insisting I lay down and rest. Yup, Dr. Boyfriend in the house. Because remember on Friday when I wrote a letter to the pinched nerve in my back? Well, Friday evening it was driving me batty. That night was horrible, every time I tried to rollover it was like a knife digging under my left shoulder blade. So Saturday morning, because I could barely sit up to get out of bed - off to urgent care we went.

And I was diagnosed with a sprained shoudler blade.
You read right. A sprained shoulder blade.
Who does that?? How do you do that?? Beats me!
 The doc said I must have been doing something repetitively and my left side (my weaker side) said "To heck with it!" and officially gave out. So he gave me lots of meds and told me not to move it as best I can.

Well.... Saturday afternoon, a partner of the firm was throwing a Celebration of Life for his mother who recently passed. It was such a beautiful day and I had been looking forward to it all week so I convinced Boyfriend that I would be ok if we went for only an hour or so.
 I threw on a party dress and off to the Celebration at the park we went. We got there as the speeches were beginning and I was feelin' good with my drugs...

But about 15 minutes later things got weird. Everything got blurry, I got all clamy, and I just had to sit down immediately. I found a chair and it was a total of 5 seconds before I had a panicky feeling and had to get away from the crowd. I asked Boyfriend to take me to the truck because something was wrong. I didn't think I was going to make it though so we found a bench in a garden behind the house and the out of sight of the crowd before I lost it and got sick.
Maybe a little TMI? Maybe. But lesson learned, if the drugs say "will make you drowsy" and "take with food", do it.

After that little incident Boyfriend's gotten bossy and has been taking very good care of me. Forcing food at me and letting me watch all the TLC I want. The roles were really reversed since 2 weeks ago when he was the invalid sick one. And I'm loving it. We've really learned a lot about each other and it makes me so happy. In sickness and in health right?
Tonight, while we're watching the Discovery Channel special on the giant squid, he's grilling me steak and we've got oreo pie for dessert. That's love people, that makes me a Happy Bean.

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  1. Oh no! I'm sorry you're the one who's hurt now! And that little episode in the park sounds like no fun at all. Hope you're doing better now. And your plans for tonight sound so great! Have fun with that :)


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