Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I'm Back!

Good morning my lovely bloggies! Long time no chat! I apologize for my absence – I’ve had wedding brain like woah. And by wedding brain I mean I am so excited to plan the day that I marry my best friend that I cannot think of anything else! Needless to say, this space will becoming more of a wedding planning journal than my normal everyday experiences! Let me just tell you:
  • We have picked a date and a venue and I couldn’t be happier with our choice! Mission San Luis here in town is just gorgeous – inside (where we the ceremony and the reception will be held) and outside (perfect for pictures)
  • We have booked the band, they played at Fiance’s brother’s wedding last fall and they were so much fun! They will learn any songs we ask!
  • We have decided on a theme/colors – going with the pastels, muted colors… Because I’m just so indecisive, so the more colors the merrier.
  • We have picked an officiant and a photographer, I have picked my bridesmaids, we have an idea of what style food we would like.
So you may say we are ahead of the game but I just want to be sure I don’t miss out on anything because I was too slow to book or indecisive! Next up on my focus list: engagement photos, Save the Dates & exercising.
I’m going to start running. There. Now that I’ve said it ‘outloud’ for the entire internet to hear, I’m officially committed. I want to start running/training for some of the local 5ks around town to prepare for the half-marathon in Disney in the fall. I’m thinking not only will it get me in shape for the wedding, but it will also give me something to look forward to before then! Eeeek! Starting this morning tomorrow.

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  1. Sounds like you have almost everything planned out! No wonder you have wedding brain! I am slowly getting there as the date approaches. I am just stuck with the officiant- our cousin really wants to become ordained so she can marry us. I think it would be sweet and so much more personal, plus it sounds like fun! The marathon idea sounds so great! I never actually thought of doing that... I may have to borrow that idea to prepare for the wedding! Thanks so much for sharing your post. I enjoyed reading it!


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