Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What what? Wednesday

What I’m reading: Just finished Silver Linings playbook, and I really liked it! It’s kind of pathetic but hopeful in an odd way. As soon as I finished the book I googled as many clips from the movie as I could find!

What I’m listening to: The Lumineers Pandora station.

What I’m looking forward to: 2 MORE NIGHTS UNTIL NYC! I am so very excited! I feel like it’s been a long time coming. Also, tonight I’m going out with my bestie to get our nails done – I haven’t done that since prom. I’m going to try that gel/shellac stuff, hoping to avoid chips on my trip.

What I’m dreading: I just don’t have a care in the world today!

What I’m wearing: I’m wearing one of the dresses Boyfriend’s mom has given me. This woman is phenomenal. Not only does she have good taste, everything she picks for me fits me perfectly! It blows my mind everytime.

What I wish I were doing: I wish I were in NY already with my sweetie! But then again, part of the thrill of it is the excitement of the anticipation!

What I’m eating: Last night I had an Oreo McFlurry and it was fantastic.

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  1. Oh I can't even handle how jealous I am of your NYC trip. Like for real. Can't wait to see pictures and hear updates though! And that dress is great!


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