Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Friday: Thanks for showing your face, I feel like you came early! This week flew by! 

To my dear friends: I am so very sorry for your loss, our loss. My insides continue to ache when I think of your little family having to go through this tragedy. I wish it wasn’t real life because it is unfair. No one deserves to lose a child, especially such a sweet, young, and innocent sweet girl. I want to say so many things but I am at a loss of words. I continue to send love and strength and prayers to you and your families. 

Dear Emeli Sandé: You have been singing to me via Spotify all week and I’m not sick of you yet! This song is my favorite. #backthatazzup

Dear Tallahassee’s Big Bed Coalition Fish Fry: I will be happy to attend tonight to eat your fishes and drink your drinks all while donating to our community. 

Dear Jonathon Adler: I was so excited to finally be able to afford some of your pieces on One Kings Lane today! But apparently so was everyone else on account of the website is not working. Phooey.

Dear engagement pictures: Can’t wait to see yoooooou!

Dear fiancé: I love you very much. I just can’t even tell you how much.

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  1. Well that was a sad letter, and I'm so sorry to hear about such a loss. I do hope you have fun at the fish fry tonight though! And when are you getting your pics back?!


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