Thursday, May 9, 2013

Get Skinnay!

This is my usual monthly blog post about how I am totes going to get fit this month! Ha. No but seriously, I had another a realization the other day: I have to be in a bathing suit in front of people in 2 weeks. Crap.

Obviously I started working out the very next day. Usually when I get this monthly epiphany to work out and eat clean I jump in head first and totally wear myself out/beat myself down in less than a week - and thus give up. This time we're trying a different approach.

The dieting part isn't so hard for me. I just bring my lunch and snacks to work and cook a lower fat dinner for M.E. and I. (using emeals!) It's the working out part that's the pits. Duh.

So to try things differently, we're setting more achievable goals for the beginning.
  • Every morning the Pinterest 'squat challenge' and some upper body lifting (I'm on Day 2 and my booty feels goooood)
  • Every lunch break walk 2 miles around downtown (*note to self: bring tennis shoes and deodorant to work)
  • One group fitness class a week (water aerobics, hot yoga, BodyPump, just do it Bean.)
  • Run at least 3 miles a weekend.
 I realize its not a lot, but at least its something! And its something I can definitely do. My goal here is to get in the habit of moving so that someday I can reach my ultimate goal of a bootalicious booty & flat belly! Wish me luck!
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  1. These are totally reachable goals, girlfriend! Also, I'm already doing the squat challenge, about 3 weeks in or so now... And good for you for all this! :)

  2. Good job! Good luck!

  3. I am starting this today too! Just started writing a post about it! (Am I procrastinating already?)

    Good Luck!


  4. Good for you and good luck!!

  5. Bathing suit season is WAY too close! I'm actually the opposite. I actually work out and stuff like's the eating part that kills me...I'm not even going to admit to you how much chocolate I ate yesterday. (Love Body Pump, btw!)


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