Thursday, July 25, 2013

I'm doing it!

I’m a horrible blogger, I know. Its funny because I plan everything in my life – but when it comes to planning blog posts I feel like it’s a chore! Today I’m feeling inspired though so today you get a post.
This is it. This is the week that changes the rest of my life. This week I got serious about exercising and losing weight. I’ve got 6 months until I marry the man of my dreams and I plan on being the hottest wife ever – so I am officially officially on the exercise train.
Monday I did my first Crossfit class! Ouch!!! But not quite as bad as I had anticipated.
Tuesday I did my weight training and 40 min of cardio. And I like really pushed myself! Typically I kind of half-heartedly walk on the treadmill – no siree, I raced my way up that fake hill on that elliptical!
Wednesday was my day off but I still ate healthy & low calorie.
Today I have my Abripper class and tomorrow I start my Body by Vi shakes! I even downloaded this awesome app called Water Your Body. It tells me how much water I need today based on my weight and it grades me at the end of the day – and because we all know that I’m an overachiever, I need to get an A.
And to prove JUST how dedicated I am this time, here is a picture of me at my fatest for the entire internet to see!
Check back in 90 days to see what the new me looks like!!
Also, totally unrelated, check out this pie I made last night from the fresh peaches my mother-in-law gave us! And I only had like a tiny tiny sliver... Check out the recipe here!
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  1. You've got this girl! We will be the hottest brides ever walking down that isle when our big days get here!

  2. you're my idol!!!! i need to get to work on being more healthy - you've inspired me! i need to be in better shape for this wedding gown that's arriving soon! xoxo

  3. You can do it girl! I working on myself as well lol its a process!

  4. 1. I'm so behind on reading blog posts, so expect a out pour of comments on about 4 posts coming your way...
    2. This is awesome girl! I'm going to download that water app, like ASAP. And I'm so stinking excited for you and your new exercising goals!
    3. Cross fit is impressive, and I'm seriously going to come join you - probably once the twins go back, so after August 10th sometime.
    4. I didn't know you started the ViShakes, but that's great! How do you like them so far?
    5. That peach pie looks for real delicious.


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