Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Things that are making me grin this Tuesday morning:

  • The roofers are roofing away at the house!! No more leaky ceilings for us!
  • I mailed our Save the Dates yesterday! Prepare to be amazed next Wedding Wednesday!
  • This video. Just OMG.
  • Going to Vocelles with another bridesmaid today to get sized and purchase her dress. 2 down 1 to go!
  •  My new blog design? You dig?
What's making you smile?
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  1. Love your new design!
    Yay!! for getting your save the dates out!

  2. LOOVEEEE your new design!!!! It looks so good :) And I can't wait to see your STD's!

  3. yay for shipping STDs! wahoo!!!

    i love your new design, too! xo

  4. I've never seen Save the Dates as "STDs" so the comment above threw me off! "I can't wait to see your STDs"! HAHAHA. I bet they're so cute! And I LOVE your design, especially that flowery mason jar up there! I NEED.


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