Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Emails to my Bestie

Every day I when I sit down at my computer and double click on Safari to open Blogger I think, “Nah, I have nothing to write about today. No blog post for me...” As I am simultaneously writing novel emails to by bffle Sarah Dean. What the heck? Maybe it’s because I know Dean will respond and not judge and read what I have to say even if I don’t send her corresponding pictures. Or maybe she doesn’t really read my emails at all... But why do I let her in on all my juicy random thoughts and not you, internet?  

Subject: GRUNGY?
Yesterday (as in Sunday) night M.E. and I went to my parent’s house for dinner to visit with my Aunt & Uncle, and really to officially ask my Uncle to be our officiant for the wedding ceremony. There was lots of wedding talk and Ma had set the table with wedding décor so we could show off what we had been working on/planning. Well today (as in Monday) we all received my Uncle’s weekly email he sends to all family members & friends – a weekly newsletter basically. In it he describes the wedding décor... as GRUNGY CHIC. Yes, yes, GRUNGY not shabby, not vintage, not eclectic. GRUNGY. Ha! Men.

Subject: Diet
So M.E. and I decide (again) to officially get on this diet thing. Or as M.E. put it, a “cleanse”. Well I ain’t making no green smoothies for dinner every night but I did make a mean turkey burger with tzatziki sauce and pita bread for dinner. AND I made “sassy water” (lemons, cucumbers, and mint leaves). Do you know I’ve never sliced a cucumber before that? Also, I should really go back to the gym...

Subject: Blow Dry
I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEW BLOW DRY BAR TO OPEN! I hope it lives up to all of my dreams and expectations. The official opening is this weekend BUT because I have amazing model like hair I used to work with the owners, I get to go in today for a sneak peek of the place and be a practice head. My first blow out fo free. Its really cool because this will be the first Cherry Blow Dry Bar opening in the States. In Tallahassee of all places!

Subject: Teeth
My teeth hurt. I’ve been whitening my teeth and now they hurt. But they look good.

Oh also we send each other at least 5 Buzzfeed links a day. 

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  1. I'm finally back in the blogging world!
    1. I'm loving the blog design. Seriously so cute.
    2. Grungy? What do men know anyways?! Ridiculous description for wedding decor.
    3. How have you never sliced a cucumber? But that turkey burger sounds absolutely delish.
    4. Buzzfeed links are great - funny, stupid, interesting, flashbacks, whatever it is - it's usually good stuff.


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