Monday, September 24, 2012

Dear Monday thoughts,

Its Monday. And while I should be doing secretary things, I need to share my inspiration for the week...

1. Pumpkin Spice Creamer
Since I can't seem to find it at my local Publix, I am going to attempt to make my own; for several reasons a) cheaper b) healthier c) I'll have leftover pumpkin puree for something else delicious! (Posting the receipe and review of my creation tomorrow!)

2. Ombre
Call it a fad but I love it. Same goes with the chevron pattern, I love it. I've researched these tights and how to DIY but it seems like a messy process (and Boyfriend has banned me from dying any more clothing in the kitchen...) so I think I may just Etsy these.

 3. HomeGoods
Tallahassee's first HomeGoods opened yesterday. Heaven. 

4. To bang or not to bang?
I have a hair appointment on Thursday because I'm ready for a change! I don't want to loose any length... And I'm almost back to my natural hair color... So I'm thinking bangs?! If I don't like them they'll grow out again, right?? Modeling my thoughts below is a fellow blogger I found on google.

5. Candycorn
Its that time of year and I just can't get enough.

Very truly yours, A. Bean

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