Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dear crockpot,

I recently discovered how much I like to cook, shouldn’t be surprising really because I also love to eat. But living with boyfriend makes cooking more fun because he claims that everything I make is delicious,
whether it is or isn’t, he loves me that much.
Here are some recipes that are so easy (well everything in the crockpot is easy) and fairly cheap for all you busy bodies.

Quick and Easy Go-To Crockpot Meals

·         Frozen meatballs (Publix has them BOGO all the time) – throw them in with your favorite red sauce, you can have:
o   Pizza (Pillsbury pizza dough is great for this)
o   Sandwiches
o   Or pasta!
·         Frozen chicken breast +  (mix-ins)= (delicious dinner)  (after 6-8 hours just dive in with a fork and shred it up)
o   Taco sauce + taco seasoning = tacos, taco salad, burritos
o   Bbq sauce = amazing on sandwiches or baked potatoes with cheddar cheese
o   Buffalo sauce = amazing on sandwiches or salads with blue cheese! NOM!
o   Lemon pepper marinade = amazing with lemony pasta
o   Teriyaki marinade = amazing on frozen stir fried veggies
o   Chicken stock + blacked seasoning = amazing with alfredo pasta
·         Pork loins - any marinade is SO yummy, or honey mustard or bbq sauce
o   Sandwiches
o   Just sliced with veggies

Extra tip!
Mix all your ingredients ahead of time in gallon-sized baggies and freeze them! When you wake up in the am (or if you forget like me, during your lunch break) throw them in your crockpot on low for 6-8 hours. We always try to keep frozen bread/veggies and some pasta or instant potatoes on hand for those days when I don’t feeling like walking through the grocery store! (I stalk up on good BOGO weeks!)
Yeah I wish this was my pretty crockpot...

Very truly yours, A. Bean

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