Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dear Fall TV,

You have taken over our lives!! But we love you so much. We have so many shows we can’t even watch them all! We have to decide what is ‘more’ important to watch based on what our cable company keeps ondemand. So every night we have a couple of sitcoms, maybe a drama or two, a singing competition… All while flipping over to either a football game or presidential debate. Its redik! Here are the shows we watch in our household (in no particular order because without boyfriend I would never know what time/channel anything is on)

Big Bang Theory
How I Met Your Mother
The New Normal
The New Girl
Ben & Kate
Raising Hope
Mike & Molly
Up All Night
Whitney (starts next week)
The Voice
The X Factor
Parenthood (this one’s mine)
Glee (mine too)
Once Upon A Time
Elementary (another good new one!)
Last Resort (a good new one!!)
Revolution (another good new one!)
An American Horror Story (hasn’t started yet but I am anxiously awaiting!)
Duck Dynasty (starts tonight I think!)
Nashville (pilot episode is tonight – gotta check it out!)

Good gracious that’s a lot of tv!

What are you watching this fall?

Very truly yours, A. Bean


  1. Most of these are matchies with my DVR except for An American Horror Story because I would have nightmares :( But I want to check out Elementary and Last Resort!

    1. I think you and Alec would like both like those!


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