Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear NYC: I can not WAIT to see you!!! Tickets were booked last night for our anniversary in Feburary and I can hardly sit still I'm so excited! 70 days til New York City with my babes!

Dear Market Days: Its the most wonderful time of the year to go Arts&Crafts Fair shopping! Except that I've already bought all my Christmas presents... and I'm now trying to save money for NYC!!

Dear Parade: Winter Festival Parade of Lights that is! The office is buying pizza and inviting everyone and their families to watch the parade from our windows - and we'll have a tv with the FSU game playing!

Dear FSU Basketball Team: Please win. But if not, I'll still have a good time on Sunday.

Dear Christmas tree: We'll be seeing you on Sunday! Get ready to be sparkled!

Dear Weightloss: Don't test me this weekend... I plan on doing a lot of walking to balance out my not so healthy pizza tomorrow - don't let me down! ::mouth is now watering for pizza::

Happy Weekend ya'll!!

Very truly yours, A. Bean

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