Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Does anyone else make lists like I do?

I make at least one list a day. Do I ever cross off everything on my lists? Nope. Probably never.

Here’s a list of the lists I currently have:
  • Lunchtime to-do list
  • Grocery list
  • Honey-do list
  • NYC things to do/see list
  • Christmas card receivers
  • A list of frame sizes that need to be filled in the house
  • Errands I need to run
  • Christmas presents still need to purchase
  • Work tasks

And the list goes on and on… Those on my computer are even color-coded.

I guess I feel like if I accomplish writing a good list, I've been productive at something!

Me & Sandra, kindred spirits…

*Side note, do you ever read a word so many times that it no longer looks spelled correctly? Is this how you really spell list?!

Very truly yours, A. Bean

1 comment:

  1. Oh Lordy...I also write lists for everything! I even write lists for fun, and am posting them on my blog. I'm doing 25 random lists before my 25th birthday, and I'm loving it! I love lists :)


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