Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Recap - it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Happy Monday friends!

Here's a little weekend recap according to my iPhone!

I made my first pie - a S'mores pie!

After digging through my jewelry box, I found my Ma's high school class ring - it's now rocking right next to my Daddy's ring! 1982 & 1970 :)
Boyfriend treated me to some Nuberri - and his looked like alien ice cream. We really do have very different sweet tooths.

Our beautiful tree! Thanks to Boyfriend's meticulous arrangement of the ornaments and ducktaping the treetopper so it stays exactly where I want it...
 Not pictured:
  • Daddy's Birthday Dinner @ Chili's! Where I thought I was going to die when I ordered of the 'skinny' menu when all I really wanted was a bite of Boyfriend's burger & fries... But surprisingly, my chicken was quite tasty!
  • Some Christmas shopping and a stop in the Beauty Supply store for some new nailpolish - pics tomorrow!
  • Mexican Christmas with our friends Jude, Steph, & Ross - Feliz Navidad at the local tequila watering hole!
  • NEW FURNITURE! Pics to come soon!
  • And our Christmas photos! Also coming soon!

Very truly yours, A. Bean

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