Thursday, January 24, 2013

DIY: Happy Everything Jar

Most of the time my DIY thought process is like this – see something on Pinterest I must have, can’t afford it, heck, I’ll make it myself!

Example of the day: Happy Everything by Coton Colors.

I just love the idea of it! But I just can’t afford to buy it for myself or all my friends. So it was time to get crafty.

Step one, rush to Michaels to gather supplies:
Large mason jar (I had on hand)
Thin piece of wood
Black paint
White paint
Modgepodge (I had on hand)
Scrap book paper
Hot-glue & gun
“Season stuffing” (i.e. for Valentine’s day I got flowers and tinsel hearts)

Paint the inside of the mason jar white.

Paint the wood piece black.

Trim the scrapbook paper to fit the wood piece.
Paint a thin layer of modgepodge on the wood piece to glue the paper.
I designed the text image on the computer and printed on regular old cardstock. (email me and I will send you the pdf!)
Paint another layer on top of the scrapbook paper and glued the “Happy Everything” text down.
Paint another layer of modgepodge on top to seal.
Once everything is dry, hot-glue the wood piece to the jar.
Viola! Switch out your “season stuffing” for the seasons and the holidays of the year!

I have so many ideas for 4th of July (red, white & blue flowers), football season (garnet and gold sunflowers), Christmas (poinsettias) the list can go on and on!!

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