Wednesday, January 23, 2013

If I were a boy, I would...

...never wear a shirt.

...always open doors for ladies. the ladies in my life flowers often and for no reason. a grill master! a sports fanatic.

...drink a beer with every meal and be a burger conessiour and write a man blog about it.

...probably dress just like Boyfriend because he has great man style. my mother every day.

...pee outside all the time.

My feet would never hurt because I’d always be wearing flats.

...make sure to constantly be appreciative of the women in my life cooking, cleaning, shopping for me.

...plan the best engagement proposal ever and it would be an internet senstation and be on the Today Show and/or the Ellen Show.

...wear funny boxers all the time.

...wake up 15 min before work, because I wouldn’t have to straighten my hair, shave my legs, apply makeup, etc.

...complete my honey-do list before being asked and enjoy each and every task.

...I would hate it. Because I very much like being a girl.

Check out what everyone else on this link-up had to say!! So funny...

1 comment:

  1. hahaha peeing outside would be so great!! love your list!


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