Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Old Man

Everyone’s got their aches and pains. Some have bad knees, some get migranes. Well Boyfriend’s got a bad back.
He’s hurt it a couple times over the years (being such a studly athletic and all) but nothing some rest and ice couldn’t fix.
Not this time though!
Friday night something got yanked/pulled during his basketball game and it was all shot from there. After work Saturday morning he was useless. And Sunday morning he was in so much pain I was done with watching him suffer! So I dragged slowly to the ER for a fun day of waiting and sitting and slowly moving around the waiting room for meds and doctors with his parents. My heart hurt to see him wobble around and tell the nurses he was in "8 out of 10" pain!! Finally he got an IV with the good stuff and a prescription for some more relief.
So he’s on the mend, able to sit down and get up without too much assistance.
Now he’s just bored and frustrated about being basically couch and bedridden except for the multiple trips to the chiropractor. Let’s all keep our fingers and toes crossed that Mr. Chiro will fix up Boyfriend quick!!
In the meantime, anyone have any good date ideas that I can use to keep Boyfriend’s spirits up? We’ve rented just about every movie at the redbox… and watching regular ol’ tv is just getting old… Help!!

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  1. Holy crap, we are in the exact same boat! Mine broke his foot Dec. 23, had surgery a week later, and has been on bed rest for two weeks! And we still have two more weeks of bed rest to go! We also have rented countless Redbox movies, and exhausted some HGTV and DIY Network... I need date ideas too! Let me know if you come up with good stuff :) Cuz I've got nothin' so far...

    Sorry to hear he hurt his back though! Hopefully his recovery will be faster than Jeff's...


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