Thursday, April 11, 2013

Deams of House Projects

Once we’re married, M.E. will have about 2 more years before he’s done with school and an FSU Alumni! Until then we are staying in the townhome his parent’s own to save money/we can’t afford to live anywhere else.
Well, I think know I’ve said this before: before I moved in, this house was a serious bachelor pad. He was happy with the way things were in there, good enough for a man and his dog. But M.E. has been pretty supportive lenient with my cleaning/decorating various parts of the house; although, in my opinion we’ve still got a LONG way to go.
I’ve got lists upon lists of what I would like to get done…
  • Roof (serious leaks and creatures living up in there… it can be terrifying sometimes, I’m not joking)
  • Downstairs bathroom (because we are too embarrassed to let anyone in there)
  • Stairs (the house is a townhome on stilts and the outside wooden stairs need to be replaced before one of us falls through)
  • Clean out “carport”/under the house – aka haul away all the crap

List #2 – the Make-things-more-aesthetically-pleasing List
  • Paint the exterior (I've been watching too many episodes of HGTV's Curb Appeal)
  • Wood/laminate flooring in the living/dining area
  • Re-paint the kitchen cabinets (for the 2nd time, the 1st time I surprised M.E. when he was out of town… his first taste of my decorating invasion... But it wasn't perfect so I'm gonna do it again!)
  • Paint the living/dining area from tan to a light gray (because according to Pintereset, gray is the new tan for walls)
And my newest decorating obsession idea – whitewash the fireplace. I thought I had gotten permission from M.E. when I asked if we could have a white fireplace like our interior designer friend, Laura Bryant Designs, and he said “sure.” After talking about it a little more he realized I meant our fireplace current in our house (what other fireplace would I be speaking of?!) and he totally nixed the idea and crushed my dream. Plan B is just to stain the mantel to match our dark furniture.

I’m still holding out hope though… Maybe some pictures will convince him…

Our home now

Our fireplace to be?!

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  1. Those are some serious tasks to tackle! Good luck to you girl. Gonna blog and show us the progress along the way?!


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