Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Finding the Dress!

Oh bloggies! Last weekend was so fun! If you remember my Wedding Wednesday post from last week, I was super excited/nervous for my dress shopping day on Saturday.

Let me just tell you how amazingly fun it was. To be surrounded by my favorite people in the world, gorgeous dresses, champagne, and just being treated like a princess was a fantastic feeling! And I get even more excited thinking about it because I know that feeling will be x1 billion on my wedding day!!

If you are shopping for a wedding dress in the North Florida area, definately check out Vocelles. The ladies were so nice and knew exactly what I was looking for after my vague discription of what I think I wanted in the dress.

I only tried on 4 dresses. Bam. We thought #2 was a winner but as soon as I stepped out in #4 we all knew. And once I got the veil on everyone was tearing up! Magical!! I pranced around for awhile, not wanting to take it off. Tried sitting in it, took lots of pictures on everybody else's camereas and phones... (so M.E. would have no way to peek!)

My maids had a chance to try on a few bridesmaid dreses as well. And because they are all just so gorgeous, they rocked every single one they tried on. Making my decision on their dress so much harder... Thanks ladies!

I haven't decided on a color yet, but here is the style I think we're going with though:

Has anyone seen a cheaper version of thisdress?
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  1. Ahhh!! My sister got her dress from Vocelle's and had a pretty similar experience. She tried on a few, and they all looked great, and then the 5th on she came out with tears in her eyes. She bought it that day! And our bridesmaid dresses for her wedding are similar to those up there!

    Congrats again on finding your dress!!! YAY!!


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