Tuesday, May 7, 2013

DIY: Windows & Moss

Happy Tuesday Bloggies!

Happy Tuesday from Bo!

Yesterday I told y'all about our house project adventures and mentioned the little DIY decor projects I made for our new mantel! I wish I had pictures to show you what they look like in all their glory on the new mantel but the mantel hasn't fully dried yet so... patience, maybe this weekend!

Picture Window
Pinspired by this

 This project cost me a whopping $7! I had an old window from my Mimi (she's an antique collector/seller so she finds things for cheap!) but you can normally find them at any antique shop, craigslist... I even had a friend find some when she spotted construction workers replacing windows at a house in her neighborhood (lucky!). You can upload your photo to Staples and they will print an engineer print for $7!
  • old window
  • duct tape
  • scissors
  • large photo
The most important part is measuring your window and then choosing a picture that has a composition that works. For example, don't choose a picture where one of the window beams is directly in front of your face, not cute. So measure your window and resize it using photo software (I used pixlr.com). Once you have your print, cut it out, and tape it to the back! Done!

Moss Letter
Pinspired by this
 Warning: messy project
  •  scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • moss mat (found at Michaels, its moss glued to a net, so its easy to trace/cut specific shapes)
  •  letter
  • pen/pencil/marker
Open up your moss net stuff, pre-apologize to your fiance for the mess you're about to make. Lay the moss face down and trace your letter. Cut out your letter and glue the moss to the letter! Continue on cutting shapes from the moss and gluing. No need to make precise measurements, if you leave a spot uncovered, just glue some of the moss that has exploded all of your work area onto the funky spot. Done!

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  1. Cute, cute! Love both projects :) I actually have an old window, but it's just the frame and the screen. Obviously I am not going to keep the screen part though. But I can still find something similar to do with mine!

  2. love the moss letter! i've been meaning to make one but it always seems to slip my mind when im at ac moore/michaels.
    that moss does make a huge mess though! i made centerpieces for my cousins wedding and goooood lord there were little remnants of moss errrrrrrywhere.
    does it stay on the letter well? any 'shedding'?

  3. Oh I just love both of these!


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