Monday, May 6, 2013

House Projects, a Weekend Recap

Happy Monday Bloggies!

I read somewhere (probably Pinterst) that if you smile as soon as you wake up then you're guaranteed to have a good day. I forgot to smile immediately but I'm trying to stay positive! Mondays are just so hard. Especially when you spent all weekend on house projects and when you left for work this morning the place still looks like a mess.

Remember this post about my dreams of home redecorating? Well this weekend we took a step in that direction. Saturday, after a trip to Lowes and lunch with my sweetie, the transformation began. I stripped and sanded the mantel (definitely giving my arms a workout) and stained the wood a darker color to match the furniture in the room. Then a panicked for a little bit because the stain wasn't drying, but I was patient (rare I know) and didn't touch it at all and luckily this morning it seemed ready for some polyurethane (that'll happen tonight). I also painted the walls that were tan a nice gray color, makes the room look brighter and larger! Love it! M.E. and I were hesitant during the first coat (looked kind of purple) but once it dried I'm in love!

I wish I had some pictures to show you but its such a hot mess right now I can't. Give me 2 more days!

While I was patiently waiting for everything to dry, I did a couple of DIY projects:

 A moss letter for my future last name and a window picture! Both super easy and super cheap. Come back tomorrow for these DIY tutorials and maaaaybe some pictures of the new living room!

I'm trying to be enthusiastic about this upcoming week but I'm just kinda dreading when M.E. goes out of town on Friday, Bo & I don't like it when he's gone! I do have a couple of fun lunch dates planned though, including my first blate with Ms. Halie! And this weekend I have plans with my bestie to go see The Big Wedding and watch some live music. Oh, and some more house decorating because that's what M.E. has come to expect when he goes out of town....

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  1. I love the window picture - so so cute! And you were way on the ball getting your one of your engagement pictures printed! Good for you :)

  2. Yay! Can't wait to see your tutorials!


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