Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Letters #backthatazzup

Happy Friday you guys!

Dear followers: To you newbies, hello! Thanks for following! To my oldies, thanks for sticking with me! Have you noticed how I've been trying to post more? I'm also going to try to post more pictures for you because, let's be honest, pictures are way more fun to stalk than reading my letters......

Dear body: As you know, we received Insanity's Fast & Furious workout DVD in the mail the other day. Although we had plans to do the workout last night, changing into my workout clothes and everything, I ended up just sitting and watching the DVD. I had to know what I was getting myself into right? Apparently I'm getting myself into a lot of sweat. Send me motivation please.
SO ready! to not workout...

Dear movie theater: I feel like I write you a letter almost every Friday with false promises! Last weekend Gatsby was the plan... didn't happen. Tonight M.E. and I promise to come visit, although we haven't made a choice on which movie yet... Great Gatsby, Iron Man 3, or Star Trek?!

Dear sunshine: Stick around, I would like to bask in your light by the pool tomorrow afternoon. Totes in need of some vitamin D.

Dear maxis: As in maxi dresses and maxi skirts you weirdos... I would like several more of you to join my closet. I'm rocking one today, see?
New pink toes!

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  1. Sitting and watching, but not actually partaking in, fitness DVDs is my favorite pastime!

  2. I always watch the DVD first!

    Also, I love maxis.

  3. Not to scare you...but insanity is so hard haha. I have owned the DVD set for TWO years and still can't get through it. I also am really lazy though hahaha Maybe I will try to motivate and do it too!


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