Thursday, May 2, 2013

How did you get here? A link-up!

Today is the day, the day we are linking up for your funniest, weirdest, most random
Google Keyword Searches.
How do you find them?

Well, for blogger users, go to your stats ---> Traffic Sources and then scroll down and you can see some of the search terms people use to find you!

Mine are not as interesting as I would have hoped:

happy bean blog, chevron shoes, byu college, boyfriend advent calendar, buffalo chicken flatbread, happier bean blog, advent calendar for boyfriend, angie bean engaged, buffalo chicken pizza recipe, st jude hospital paul mccartney, maybooks, paint glue mason jars

But my personal favorites are:
 buy cheap louis vitton wallets & coffee and sudafed

Makes me sound like a real, classy kinda gal...

Linking up!

Helene in Between
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  1. haha that last one is awesome!! thanks so much for linking up!

  2. Wait, you mean I can't get sudafed here for a discounted price?

  3. haha love it!
    PS New follower here!
    Stop by some time


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