Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Recap: Living Room Reveal!

Happy Monday bloggies! I hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend!

With M.E. out of town, Bo and I spent most of the weekend in bed or painting... Friday night I had a little too much fun celebrating Lori's birthday out on the town and paid for it on Saturday...
Photographic evidence of too much fun!

Once I finally got over my headache, I got my butt to Lowes so I could finish my projects before M.E. came home! I actually don't have any pictures of what I painted though, womp womp, bad blogger. Last weekend I painted the living room area from tan to gray, this weekend I painted the dining room area from tan to gray. So the pictures below should give you kind of an idea of the transformation.

Obsessed with my C. Wonder candle & Columbia sangria pitcher!

My terrarium is just so cool.

New shelf! Can never have too many shelves...

And a new coffee table tray for the remotes and my new Volcano candle!

There are a couple more things I'd like to change in here: like a new fan, new rugs, new side table & someday wood flooring... But I think its coming along pretty nicely!

I hope everyone spoiled their mommies yesterday and had as much fun as I did with my new Mother-in-law and my Mother!
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  1. That looks so great! I love how you incorporated the window picture you made!!

  2. that old window pane picture is AMAZING! and im always a fan of grey, i painted out spare room grey and it took me for-ev-er to find the grey that i had in mind. who knew there were so many shades of grey.

    and what are these candles you speak of? i LOVE the candles from bath and body works because i feel like they're the only ones that truly fill a room with scent. if there are other quality, but still relatively inexpensive candles i need to get on board!


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