Thursday, June 27, 2013

Weak Arms

Hello bloggies…. Let me start off by saying that I am so sorry I have abandoned you almost the entire month of June! What the heck? Where has the month gone?? Before I start on my morning rant, here’s a quick recap of our June:

Our dear friends, the Bryants, are expecting their first baby Bryant in Decemeber and I am sooooo excited! Laura is already such a cute little mommy with her little belly and I cannot wait to meet this sweet little baby!

Our other dear friends Danny & Cristi (who we stayed with in NYC when M.E. proposed) got married this past weekend! Cristi was a beautiful bride and we had a blast celebrating their love – they certainly know how to throw a party! (Steph & I wore the same dress - lookin like the wannabe bridesmaids!)

As you know, we started renovating the downstairs bathroom. Remove old toilet – check. Wallpaper off – check. Paint walls – check. Paint vanity top and body – check. Caulk everything – check. Install new toilet – half check. Decorate with pretty new accessories – half check.

Now let me explain these half checks... The new toilet is completely installed EXCEPT for the fact that it is not connected to the water line yet. We have the new connector (the old one was too short) and I was going to plug it all in last night while M.E. was at baseball but I was not strong enough to undo the bolt – which was VERY frustrating. So I drank a bottle of wine. As for the pretty new accessories, the mirror just needs another coat of paint, the crate/shelf needs to be mounted to the wall, and the shower curtain rod needs to get its act together. You see, this morning I thought I would just simply hang up the new shower curtain. Nothing has yet to happen simply. For the life of me I could NOT unscrew that curtain rod to adjust it to the right length. I was in that bathroom for 30 min this morning trying to get that stupid thing to work. No such luck. So when I got to work I ate a donut.

My sweet sweet fiancĂ© promised he would have both of these things in proper working condition by the time I get home tonight… I think I will have a meltdown if he can’t do it. We have a friend coming over for dinner and I am dying to debut the new potty! Check back tomorrow for pictures, hopefully!

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  1. I am sooo weak too. Jeff always makes me carry the heavy bags of groceries trying to strengthen me, and then sometimes he makes me do reps with them before putting them in the car or on the counter at home. Psh. I do have a shake weight though, so maybe I should start using that bad boy more regularly ;)

    Glad you're back in the blogging world!


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