Wednesday, July 31, 2013

August Goals

AKA my birth month's goals! I just can't even believe today is the last day of June!! When people told me that time flies when you're wedding planning - they weren't joking! Here are some of my goals this month:

  • Celebrate my last birthday as an unmarried woman with my family & friends!
  • Attend 2 classes at the gym every week (go to the gym 4 days a week)
  • Finish up the downstairs ‘suite’ so it is officially suitable for guests to stay over.
  • Go to the beach, if at least for one day.
  • Run 30 miles throughout the month and perfect the 2 min plank
  • Send AJ a letter to the England MTC.
  • Finish reading Serena (P.S.) and then reread Catching Fire.
  • Go on a day date with M.E. to Thomasville & go to Sweet Grass Dairy & eat at Jonah’s.
  • Watch season 3 of Downton Abbey.
  • Wedding plan, wedding plan, wedding plan!

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  1. Yay for more wedding planning! And so many exercise/fitness goals - makes me excited for you! And girl, you definitely gotta go to the beach sometime! Sheesh, this IS Florida after all, and it seems it's finally stopped raining all day every day...


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