Monday, July 1, 2013

Bathroom: Bam!

Hey y'all! I have nothing too exciting to share about my weekend, it was pretty low key and relaxing...
Friday night we were both craving steak and went to Logan's, them steaks were amazing. Saturday I met my Ma and my brother AJ at the bridal shop and tried on MY dress! Its officially mine mine mine! So exciting and surreal and really hard not to share every little detail about it... Saturday evening M.E. and I went to Red Elephant and drank lots of wine at the house while watching old reruns of Dawson's Creek - the wine made us do it. Sunday we sat around, grocery shopped, did some laundry and sat around some more. Oh and made some amazing chicken Caesar sandwiches. I would share the recipe but I forgot to take a picture so maybe next time. *bad blogger*

Speaking of pictures, I didn't work on the bathroom at all this weekend but here is a sneak peak, before and after shot!

Bam! Now all I need to do is clean and find a new place for the toilet paper which hasn't seemed to signature


  1. Yayyyyy for your dress! That's so so exciting girl! And your bathroom is definitely a huge improvement. Looking great so far!

  2. your bathroom looks awesome so far! what did you use to paint the counter? i redid our very ugly and outdated kitchen counters with a rustoleum coating and its held up so well over the past year!

  3. looks awesome!!!! congratulations on the dress, doll!


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