Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wedding... Thursday?

So I missed Wedding Wednesday yesterday... mostly because when I started to think about what to post I had a little bit of a panic attack.

It all started with picking shower dates... One in the fall, one in January, and date in the beginning of February. The thing is, we are BIG Seminole fans. Every weekend in the fall is dedicated to tailgating and football, leaving hardly any time to spare for wedding planning! EVERY weekend until November is football filled, then the holiday season hits, then it’ll be January which is only ONE month before February which is THE month! Yeegads!!!

So I did what I always do when I’m feeling panicky. I made a list of things we need to accomplish soon:

Find the perfect wedding shoes (I know what they should look like in my head but I haven’t found them just yet)

Order the veil (can’t wait for ya’ll to see the one I chose!)

Pick out the tuxes (also officially ask the groomsmen!)

Get Mimi’s earrings adjusted (they’re like these old school kinda clipons and pinch my ears)

GET OUR PASSPORTS (this should be priority)

Book honeymoon (I can’t wait to be knee deep in the water somewhere with my husband!)

Reserve the car valet service (I can’t keep procrastinating on this... I just gotta bite the bullet and fork over the money)

Choose/book rehearsal dinner venue (Need to speak with my future MIL)

Confirm our officiant (And get him certified!)

Start gift registry (Maaaaybe I’ve already started this, I just need M.E.’s approval)

Obviously I have way more to do than what’s listed, but these are the things I feel need to be solidified fairly quickly. I can’t believe we have been engaged for 6 months already and we are almost under the 6 month mark to go! Where has time gone?? I'm just ready for ya'll to see my dress and to become M.E.'s wife. Oh, and to eat wedding cake & drink champagne.
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