Monday, August 12, 2013

Birthday Recap!

Mondays suck. Especially Mondays after the best weekend ever ever. I was such a spoiled girl this weekend that this Monday feels even worse than usual!

M.E. had made dinner reservations at The Front Porch where we had gouda & jalepinio hushpuppies and gouda grits. Oh we had fish and steak and green veggies too but they aren’t worth mentioning because the gouda grits and the gouda hushpuppies were the Meg & Alec met us at the bar after dinner for some sangria and then we wondered across the street for lemon drop shots at midnight for my birthday!

We woke up and went to Donut Kingdom where I chowed on a birthday red velvet cake donut. NOM. Then my sweet sweet fiancĂ© helped me paint (by helped I mean he did most of the work) the bedroom in the townhouse we rent out. Then we went shopping. Hours & hours of shopping for the perfect tennis shoes! Since I’ve gotten serious about working out I decided I needed serious shoes and M.E. wanted to buy me some as a birthday gift. So I tried on every single pair. For lunch we stuffed our faces at Gordo’s, a local Cuban restaurant and then immediately needed naps before going over to my parents house for dinner with both sets of our parents. My dad made a delicious dinner and... he made 8 little wedding cakes! What?! Yes. Wedding cake tasting was my birthday cake and it was so much fun! Although I seriously thought I was going to pop afterwards.
I chose the blue ones!

All of our friends met us for brunch Sunday morning at PrimeTime. They had unlimited mimosa and a build your own mimosa bar and ginormous breakfast burritos served with a donut on top. It was unreal. Needless to say that afternoon we did nothing but lay around and nap.

So today has been rough because A. I am dreading crossfit tonight (after not working out for a week) and B. I’m back to my diet which is rough after eating like a piggy all last week! Send me motivation!
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