Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Listing back into things

I know you're expecting me to start this post out by saying I'm baaaack! and going into about how busy I've been. But instead, I'm giving you some lists, enjoy and just be happy I'm back! 

Five things I'll be doing over the next week:
Uno. Celebrating Meghann’s 26th birthday! My bestie since the 4th grade! We’re having a brunch at her lakehouse Saturday morning and I plan on making a fancy shmancy birthday cake.
Two. Picking out M.E.’s wedding tux! He promised we’d go on Friday, I can’t wait to see what he’ll be wearing the day I marry him!
Tres. Moooooore FSU football! Go Noles!
Four. “Stemming” vintage brooches for my brooch bouquet. Have to do it in sessions cause it hurts mah fingers.
Cinco. Getting a filling refilled because as of right now I have a huge hole in my tooth. 

Four things I need to purchase: 
1. Birthday cake ingredients.
2. Sperrys. I need some Sperrys! I need some Sperrys for Gamedays!
3. Our passports or we won’t be going very far for our honeymoon.
4. New leggings. I guess I thought I was being clever and put my old ones in a drawer somewhere for summer... and now I can’t seem to find them...
Oh Sperry Gods, these are the ones I need!

Three shows I can't wait to have back in my life: 
Newsroom. Even though the season just ended. But the season finale of your favorite show is so heartbreaking!
American Horror Story. Its not Fall until that show is on to freak you out.
Parenthood. Because once a week I just need a good cry!


Two reasons I'm excited for Fall: 
1. Skinny jeans/leggings & boots. & sweaters. & scarves.
2. ALL OF THE PUMPKIN SPICE THINGS! More specifically, lattes, beer, cookies/cakes/donuts/pies. Don’t roll your eyes, I love them.

 One thing that's currently bothering me: 
Well I got my car back yesterday! After driving the Challenger around for a week I was glad to have my baby back! But I have to bring her back in today because the right blinker isn’t working... Also, its really hard to save money for a wedding when your car & your tooth are falling apart!
Although my rental car was pretty fly...

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