Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Recap

Well that weekend went by too fast. I was feeling a little under the weather (as I do every year when the season starts to change) so nothing too crazy happened. Friday night we went up to Level8 to grab a couple of drinks and watch part of our wedding band play during happy hour. On the plane back home from New York (after he had just proposed) the first thing wedding that we discussed was definitely having a live band rather than a DJ. We chose the same band that played at his brother’s wedding last fall, Southern Satisfaction, and after hearing them again Friday night we got so so excited. So we pretty much stayed until they stopped playing. Here’s a little sneak peak:
When we got home that night, I decided it was time to make a birthday cake for my friend Meghann who’s birthday brunch was the next morning. It was delicious in spite of the fact that I was 7 Samuel Adams Oktoberfest deep. (To make my strawberry box cake taste homemade I substituted almond milk for water and melted butter for oil. Call me Paula Bean.)
Meghann just got a new puppy, Lily, and Sarah brought her new puppy, Hank. Bo was pretty angry at us when we got home that afternoon and would not stop sniffing me with this angry Bo-face.
Baby Lily getting cuddles from Aunt Lori & Hank Wiliams below with his favorite Aunt & Uncle 
We were going to go to the FSU game that night but because I was feeling sick-y and it was pouring outside, we stayed in and ate chicken wangs and tried not to get angry at ESPN3 for not streaming the game perfectly. But duh, FSU won. (Oh, and Brady & the Bean (my team) won in Fantasy Football this week!)
Sunday was pancakes at the house, laundry and rewatching Hunger Games, and a couple of hours at the office before a trip to Publix and grilled cheese & soup for dinner. We suffered through an hour or so of the Emmy’s before I went to bed. And by go to bed I mean read my book until midnight when M.E. came in and told me I was going to be pissed in the morning that I had done that... But it just got good!! Anybody else read ‘The Historian’by Elizabeth Kostova?
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  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I love hearing about your adventures!❤️

  2. That cake is just simple perfection, and I love it! Also, I'm impressed with your fancy little "homemade" additions to it. I haven't read "The Historian" but tried to read another book of hers "The Swan Thieves," and have NOT been able to finish it. It's a huge book and just feels like it'll never end. I take it "The Historian" is better than that?!


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