Monday, October 21, 2013

Tiger for Dinner

This weekend was fairly uneventful except for Saturday night when our SEMINOLES KICKED TIGER BUTT!

M.E. was lucky enough to go to the game (and tailgate for 10 hours). He was exhausted when he got home last night but he had a great time! They got to rush the field after we dominated!

Can you spot him? He's not looking the right way...
Here is a shout out to my three favorite players from the game:

J-boo! Don’t call him Famous Jameis, he doesn’t like it. He likes J-boo because that was the nickname his Mama gave him. Jameis, you are so freakin adorable but I’m afraid you may need glasses because you seemed to have a hard time seeing on the field Saturday night. Also, thank you for being The Best.

Kenny Shaw. Kenny, you play like a beast but when we saw you in real life you looked like a hipster. And I think it’s funny you wear skinny jeans.

Nick O’Leary. Nick, you look like a ginormous snuggly leprechaun and you ran like the wind this weekend. And I don’t care that you have a famous grandpa because you are a obvi a better football player than golfer. 

Did y'all watch any football this weekend? This was the ONLY game I watched but I watched it twice! Go Noles!
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  1. Yes, Go 'Noles! I more than agree with you on your favorite three players. Jameis just melts my heart. Such a cutie...he more than deserves to be where he is at right now!

    Kenny Shaw looks like a hipster? I'm intrigued!

    And who doesn't love O'Leary? Nobody can compare.


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