Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dear bangs & May Books,

I forgot to tell you! I did get bangs!! But not the kind I was originally planning…
My hairstylist, Paul, talked me out of it. He said straight across bangs are more work and he convinced me to try side swept bangs as a trial period. Well, I love them. Thanks Paul!

Yeah... its a car pic... but check out my new 'do!

It’s only 8:30 in morning and I have already gone shopping. As I was browsing some of my favorite blogs I learned about May Books. What are May Books you ask? They are customized planners. Customized as in monograms.
And you all know how I feel about monograms!!!
Check it out, I bought the meal planner:
SO excited!
Wish I had it today so I could write on today’s entry: “Spicy sausage with red beans & rice”
(Check back tomorrow for the recipe!)

Very truly yours, A. Bean

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