Monday, October 1, 2012

Dear October of 2012,

Its so great to meet you!
No pressure, but I have some pretty high expectations of the 31 days we will be spending together.
I am hoping to see some cooler weather from you so I can officially wear my boots and sweaters without looking like an idiot in this 90 degree heat.
Also, please continue to bless the Seminoles with this winning streak – it keeps all the men in our lives happy.
And, if you could bring home my friend Lori safely from Europe/Indonesia for that would be spectacular. I haven’t seen her in months and girls’ nights Meg and Lori are very long overdue.

In celebration of October, here is my newest Etsy wishlist:
Lacey White - Boot socks from GraceandLaceCo

Iphone Docking Station by valliswood

Monogram Initails Necklace by KetiSorleyDesigns

Typography Print by StayGoldMedia

Very truly yours, A. Bean

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