Friday, October 26, 2012

Dear Friday,

Dear lunch meeting: Free lunch? Yeah I’m cool with that. Vertigo Burgers? Even better!
Dear FSU: Please win tomorrow. That would be icing on the cake with my dad in town for Homecoming!
Dear pumpkin: Promise to carve you soon.
Dear Marriage Proposals: Its sad really how I much I love reading/watching you on the Internet. This one is my favorite today. I love to imagine who everyone is to the bride & groom and then think about how non-creative my friends are.
Dear Shanna: I can has this outfit?
Dear new fat jeans: I love you even if you are fat. I’ve decided to accept the fact that I will never be my high school skinny again and to start dressing in pants that actually fit and are comfortable – thus making me look less fat?
Dear boyfriend: Thanks for being so great, so sweet, so loving, and so fun all the time. You’re the best. For reals. I love you more than pizza.
Dear house: Please vacuum and empty the dishwasher before we get home tonight so we can relax and catch up on American Horror Story.
Dear Nicholas Sparks: Thank you for writing Safe Haven – now this movie. Can’t wait to see it! And the soundtrack sounds amazing!
Dear Weather: Its officially time to get chilly. Please do so.
Dear Followers: Have a most excellent weekend!
"On Fridays we wear Garnet."

Very truly yours, A. Bean


  1. Ok so I have never read any Nicholas Sparks and I keep feeling like I should. I am a total Notebook movie lover, I just have never made the decision to read one of his books. Now I am feeling like I should! Just found your blog and have enjoyed getting to know you better. I'm excited to follow along!

    new follower :)

  2. Those crazy flash mob marriage proposals actually kind of freak me out! They're funny to watch on Youtube, but I think I would DIE if someone did that to me. IMO, some things are supposed to be private. :)
    Dropping by from the blog hop. :)

  3. The amount of time and effort those friends put into that proposal! Holy Cow I love you but that would be intense. But the dance moves would be hilarous!


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