Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Blog re-do!

Happy Tuesday, loverlies!

Today I am feeling much better than yesterday, I kicked those Monday blues in the butt. In fact, I am in such a great mood today that my creative juices are really flowin! The blog muses are really flying around. M.E. has a baseball game tonight leaving me all alone to play with my blog which means...  I'm thinking its time for a blog makeover.

Check back tomorrow, can't wait to share!

Instagram dump

100 Calorie Chobani Greek Yogurt - coffee with dark chocolate pieces - YUM!

Pina Coladas with the girls last Saturday

Pallet heaven!! Wasn't brave enough to steal on though...
We got the rest of our engagement pictures!

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  1. I tried those chobani bites the other day and thought they were fantastic!! Did you try the caramel pineapple one yet? Sounds weird---so good!!!

  2. That yogurt sounds so yummy! Gotta try that myself. Also, I can't wait to see more engagement pictures!! Oh, and a house down the street from me just got their yard re-sodded, so there are about 20 pallets on their front driveway - I've been so tempted to steal a couple every time I drive past, but I'm too scared to! Jeff said I should just leave a note on their door asking for one, but I'm too chicken for that too actually! Haha ;)

  3. The engagement picture looks amazing!

  4. Those chobani yogurts sound delicious- I have to track those down! Awesome pictures!


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