Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Letters & #backthatazzup

Dear Friday: Oh heeeeey! Its great to see you, as always, but lets be swift this morning and skip right to 5:30, I've got fun things to do! 

Dear Keurig Machine: I am angry at you and M.E. for not having my back this week. Ever since you've come into our home I've slowly become a coffee person. This week, even after my cup of coffee every morning, I've been moving slow and having headaches. Last night M.E. asks why I had bought decaf coffee. "WHAT? Is that what the problem was?! Why didn't you tell me??" Why couldn't there be a thing on the Keurig that says "Btdubs, you know this is decaf right?" and I'd be like "Oh crap, no I didn't! Thanks for the heads up!" Anyway, my sweet fiance left me the last caffeinated coffee cup this morning and today I'm feeling better than ever!

Dear Bo dog: Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you! The vet says you've lost 24 lbs since you're last visit! Now if only you could teach us your weight-loss tricks...
Skinny happy pup after the vet visit

Dear Ikat 'dress: I love you. I bought you as a bathing suit cover-up because I loved your pattern and I sewed up your sides to make you more modest (the slits up to my hips would not have been office appropriate). Now every time I wear you I get compliments and I am so proud of myself!
Dear Memorial Day: Thank you for providing us with this 3 day weekend of glorious beach time. Its a weekend away with the boys but that's ok because all I need is the sun and my books and some dranks, oh and Matty's grilling skills. Definitely looking forward to seeing Chef Matt in action!
2 of the goofs I will be spending the long weekend with, Matty & Stan
Dear little brother: I cannot believe you are graduating from high school in 5 days! I'm just now coming to terms that you are almost a foot taller than me and way smarter than me... The idea of you at FSU kinda freaks me out, not gonna lie!
Baby bro & his girlfriend, Morgan, before their Senior Prom

I hope everyone has a fantabulous long weekend! Now get pumped, it's time for #backthatazzupfriday with Ms. Witty Whit!

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  1. Love the dress!! That was so smart to turn it into a dress from a cover up! Your dog is precious. My family had a black lab for 14 years. They are the best dogs! Have a good holiday weekend!

  2. 1. Great song choice.
    2. Super cute dress!
    3. It would be truly awesome had your Kuerig given you that message!
    4. What books are you reading?
    5. Can we hang out again soon, please?!
    6. Happy 3-day beach weekend!!

  3. I love Friday letters lol.
    My mom just got a Kuereg and we love it!
    Happy Friday(:

  4. Ahhhh. You called me Whitty Whit. I love that way too much.

    Even more than I love your song choice. Which is A LOTTTT!

  5. I found your blog on the linkup! Love that dress!


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