Tuesday, May 28, 2013

MDW Recap

Happy TUESDAY bloggies! Yes, it feels so good to say Tuesday and not the M-word... That's why 3 day weekends are the best! I hope everyone had as fantabulous of a Memorial Day Weekend as we did! Ours was just perfect. Fun but not too crazy where we needed a vacation from our vacation.

 Saturday we woke up early and head to the beach, Bo dog tagged along for a ride to the kennel.
Happy Bo dog
All smiles, excited to meet new puppy friends

  First thing we did once we arrived to the beach out, beach gear & beers.

New beach pants from TJMaxx! (similar)

 Then it was time for some dogs.
This was my favorite spot of the whole house.
I could eat this every day for the rest of my life. *not pictured, oreos & coorslight for dessert*

 The boys went fishing and I took a nap by the pool before we headed back to the beach to explore the low tide.

It was beautiful!

Then it was back to the house for steaks, shot-gunning beer, boiled peanuts, and card games.


The next morning the boys were moving slow, so I went out to my favorite spot on the porch with a book and THE SOFTEST BLANKET EVER. I even took a picture of the tag so I can find one for myself.
Cloud blanket.

 We got back to home Saturday night to nap, shower and head downtown for the free Thompson Square concert. We had such a good time!!

 Yesterday was a lazy day with lots of 'Merican food (BBQ for lunch & burgers for dinner!) and a little laundry. We also got totally sucked into the tv show 'Falling Skies'... next weekend there is another marathon of Season 2, there goes my Saturday...

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  1. Those beach pants are beyond adorable! I need to buy me some... like right now! & a free Thompson Square concert?? Awesome!! Glad you had a good weekend! :)

  2. OK, lots to comment about again... ;)
    1. Again, I loooove those pants. I want some for the honeymoon!
    2. We wanted to go to the concert, but we stayed at the beach instead!
    3. What kind of blanket is it? I'm obsessed with soft cozy blankets too!!
    4. That beach house looks like fun!
    5. Your weekend looks like it was amazing!

  3. Hey girly, just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster Award over at my blog.


  4. Sounds like a fun weekend! I used to live right outside of Houston, I would go to Gaveston Island all the time. I miss it so much! Bo is a cutie :)


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