Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer To-Do

Happy Thursday Bloggies!

Today I am linking up with Black Little Button  and to get pumped up for summer!

Today is my first official day of Summer. Random day you say, Memorial Day weekend doesn't start until tomorrow at 5:30, you say. Well not if you work in this office! Today the office is hosting a pizza party in honor of the summer season! Pizza and salad for summer, boom. More salad than pizza if you are on the starve-yourself-for-bikini-season diet like myself.

Anyway, this summer I cannot wait to:
  •  Get tan. I cancelled my tanning bed membership (which makes me feel like an adult, being worried about cancer and all) so I am beyond ready for some natural vitamin D.
  • My birthday! August 10th. Don't forget.
  • A beach trip to Destin to visit my dad & aunt, who I haven't even seen since I've been engaged! Bad!
  • The 4th of July! I love this holiday, fireworks and a great excuse to pig out on summer food.
  • More wedding planning
  • Finish the downstairs bathroom and haul away the crap under the house.
  • Taking Bo dog to the beach. Apparently he loves the beach but we have yet to go on a family trip - hopefully this summer we can cross it off the list!
  • Country music, because country music makes it feel like summer time.

What are you looking foward to this summer?
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  1. Great list my dear! Thanks for linking up! Have fun with the planning, it went by so quick for me. :)

  2. I'm definitely looking forward to summer and the sunshine and just relaxing! Spending time with my teacher fiancé who has a magical three months off is definitely going to be the best part!

  3. You're right...summer isn't summer without country music! And enjoy wedding planning! It went so quickly for me! Almost wish I could do it all again!

  4. What a deligtful list! :) I am stopping on over from the link up and I am excited to be your newest follower via GFC and Bloglovin!
    :) Rebecca

  5. I had completely forgotten to cancel my tanning bed membership until I read your post. Thank you!!

  6. Love this. I actually made my list yesterday, and it's scheduled to go live tomorrow morning! I got a bit carried away with mine though, and it's kinda long...oh well, it'll be fun!

    Oh, and I *definitely* need to get tan. I gotta be tan for my wedding, so I want to start working on it now, so that I'm nice and dark and it won't fade too quickly by October!!


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