Friday, August 9, 2013

Birthday girls

My birthday is tomorrow! (Also, today is M.E. & I's 1 year and 6 month anniversary! We've been engaged for 6 months!) And in honor of my day of birth, here is a list of everything I expect of a birthday girl:

Birthday girls do not have to work out.

Birthday girls do not count calories.

Birthday girls do not clean the house (unless they really can’t stand the dirty dishes in the sink anymore).

Birthday girls get to eat like pigs for every meal of the day/weekend/week of their birthday.

Birthday girls get to drink like fish.

Birthday girls get presents.

Birthday girls get to justify everything they buy themselves because it’s their birthday.

Birthday girls get cookie cake AND a homemade birthday cake.

Birthday girls don’t care too much about getting older because they look forward to their next birthday and always celebrating with the people they love (and every year after that)!


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  1. Yayy happy birthday! Have an awesome weekend : )

  2. New follower from Back That Azz Up link up. Glad to be here. Hope your birthday is wonderful. Love the birthday girl rules!

    Fal @

  3. Happy almost birthday!!! WOO! Thanks for joining my football league!! I can't wait to connect with you over the season!! :)

  4. It's my birthday tomorrow too! And, I completely agree 100% with all of your expectations of a birthday girl :)


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