Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The ABC's

Because I want to write a blog post but I can't think of anything to actually write about, here's a cop out: 
 A: Attached or Single? Attached whole heatedly to M.E., the sweetest, sexiest man alive.
B: Best Friend? My mama. And M.E. And Sarah Dean. And Meg. And Lori. 

C: Cake or pie? Birthday cake and s’mores pie!

D: Day of choice? Saturday, fo sho.

E: Essential item? My engagement ring, followed by my iPhone.

F: Favorite color? Depends on the day of the week and if it matched me outfit. But probably pink.
G: Gummy bears or worms? Yuck, neither. They don’t make chocolate gummies. 

H: Hometown? Tallahassee, FL. Born & raised & still here. 

I: Favorite indulgence? Ice cream! Cheesecake! Chocolate! Oh, and Pizza. 
J: January or July? July. January is depressing what with it being right after the holidays. 
K: Kids? Someday! Right now I am just a fur-mama to Bozo. 

L: Life isn’t complete without? M.E. & food. 

M: Marriage date? February 22, 2014!
N: Number of brothers/sisters? Two ‘little’ brothers. I say ‘little’ because they are now both very much taller than me. 

O: Oranges or Apples? Apples. Unless they are mandarin oranges on my salad. 

P: Phobias/Fears? Loosing someone I love. Tsunamis. Cockroaches. 

Q: Quotes? “We are all a little weird and life is a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.” – Dr. Seuss

R: Reasons to smile? We’re alive!
S: Season of choice? Fall! Football & cooler weather and the anticipation of the holiday season!
T: Tag 5 People. Ahem, no. 

U: Unknown fact about me? Oh heck, I dunno! I don’t have any secrets or anything.
V: Vegetable? Green beans, nom nom nom. 

W: Worst habit? Planning everything. Like everything. I need to be a little more spontaneous. 

X: Xray or Ultrasound? I’ve had neither? 
Y: Your favorite food? Pizza. Everyday. On a bagel, flatbread, calzone, just put it in my mouth. 

Z: Zodiac sign? Leo! Which means I’m bossy and confident.

And that's the end!

So did you guys watch the Bachelorette last night? I’m pissed, Brooks is a doofus.
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