Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What is in this thing?!

Inspired by the very funny Sarah, here is my version of "What's in your purse?" Fortunately, I had recently cleaned out that thing and there's nothing too embarrassing... 
1. The carpet bag itself! Bought on sale at TJ Maxx for a whopping $25! I had been waiting to find a Tommy Hilfiger bag like this for awhile - so Summery! But now it's Fall and it's time for a new one...
2. My wallet! My bestie got this for me for my birthday - she knows my love of peacocks!
3. Tinted lip-balm and bold lipstick
4. Tanning goggles
5. Some cheapo pair of sunglasses (How is it you never loose your cheap pair of sunglasses??)
6. Sudafed, poppin those suckers like mints these days
7. My car keys with my favorite C Wonder key chain
8. May Book, that I write in maaaybe once every 3 weeks. But its still important that I carry it around, right?
9. 2 pairs of earrings... idk why
10. Pink by Victoria's Secret headphones (got them fo free with purchase, boo ya)
11. My old passport, from when I was 13 - the picture is yikes! (ok fine, see below...)
12. Pink Mardi Gras beads from a Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser
13. A coupon for a free pre-grand opening meal at a new restaurant/brewery in town!
14. A little keepsake from the restaurant in NYC that we ate at the night M.E. proposed
15. Hand sanitizer from the $1 bin at Walgreens
16. Wedding florist's business card

And now, I leave you with the passport picture from 12 years ago... Man, time has been good to me...
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  1. Cute purse and wallet! And love the post, I may steal this idea for a post!


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