Thursday, September 26, 2013

Whatchya watchin?

I'll tell you what! It's Fall, which means all my favorite Primetime TV shows are back! (No HBO shows... which makes me sad but if ALL of my shows were on there wouldn't be time to watch them all! And then I would never be able to go on social media sites because you all would ruin the show before I had time to watch it on Amazon Prime... because we don't have DVR...)
Anyway, here is a list of what M.E. and I watch when we're vegged out on the couch everynight - like when he's not studying or watching football or I'm not blogging/pinning/reading/wedding planning.


The Voice - this is usually a hit or miss... this season may be a miss because I just <3 much="" p="" so="" usher="">
How I Met Your Mother - I am loving the Mother!
Dancing with the Stars - I'll confess, I've never really committed to a whole season before... But I recognize so many of the contestants this year I'm hooked.
Sleepy Hollow - a new one, that M.E. likes more than me but its a good Halloween time show
Two Broke Girls - those girls crack me up
(Also, in case you didn't know, there is a Criminal Minds marathon every Monday & Tuesday night on Ion)
The Voice (again)
New Girl - Oh Jess....
(Also, Criminal Minds)
Revolution - We shall see if the second season is as good as the first!
American Horror Story - It hasn't started yet but I'm already terrified! This season is about witchcraft? Eek!
Duck Dynasty - I would have stopped watching this scripted show a long time ago if it weren't for Si, he cracks me up!
M.E.’s favorite, Modern Family
The Big Bang Theory- I wish I were Katie Cuoco
Parenthood - Ya'll already know how I feel about this one...
Glee - The first episode is tonight - and its the BEATLES!
Elementary - Supposedly this season they are in England!

I should note that when there are no new episodes I've been catching up on Downton Abby and would like to start Breaking Bad so I can learn what all the fuss is about. So what are you watching this Fall? Anything you recommend? Anything I really shouldn't miss out on? Anything I should try to catch up on? Like I really have time...
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  1. I need to see what all the fuss is about with Breaking Bad too!

  2. We also love New Girl, Big Bang Theory, and How I Met Your Mother. I also really want to check out Breaking Bad as well, so it's in the Netflix queue. We're also wrapped up in Once Upon A Time, but we're still catching up on Netflix, rather than watching the new episodes every week.


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