Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What I have recently learned

If you have a filling that needs to be refilled, and it happens to be on the very back most upper right tooth, they will most likely give you Novocain (so you can't eat or let alone speak right for the entire afternoon). It won’t hurt too badly and the whole dental visit won’t last too long, but it MAY numb the entire right side of your face, up to and including your eye. Then you might have a mini-panic attack fearing that your face will be stuck like this for your wedding day.

If you put on a cute dress and snap a picture of it to send to your fiance to remind him that this was the dress you were wearing when you met just to document, your dog MAY think you’re an idiot and ask you what you’re doing.

If you find a great deal on Groupon like I did, a 12-pack of racerback tank tops for uber cheap, your fiancé MAY think you have a tanktop problem when you squeal with delight as he brings the package inside after checking the mailbox.

If you’re obsessed like monograms and you check out this site, you MAY feel tempted to change your iPhone lock screen every day.

If you go to Publix and find they have awesomely perfectly round big ol’ pumpkins for sale you’ll probably buy one to put on the fireplace to make your home feel fall festive.

But you MAY forget that your dog, likeyou, has a fond taste of all things pumpkin and may take a little nibble. And by little nibble, eat the pumpkin like an apple.

Also, don't you like how my first reaction to bad news is that Bo ate something?
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  1. Ugh, the dentist is the absolute worst!

    I laughed out loud at your dog eating your pumpking. Pets are just too funny!

  2. 1. Haha your poor face/eye! Oh no!
    2. I'm about to go hog wild on that monogram website thingy...like fo' realz.
    3. I like that he called you "Babes" - that's what Jeff and I say too! :)

  3. Well apparently I haven't learned as much as you, because I can't seem to get the monogram to save with *my* initials on it. I may need help!


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