Monday, October 7, 2013

Bicycle built for 2

Y'all, Halie is married!!

The wedding was beautiful. The weather was beautiful, her dress was beautiful, the ceremony was beautiful. It was just perfect. Her wedding colors were teal & purple (so Halie!) with a bicycle theme. Here are couple of iphone pics I managed to snap from under the big oak tree where we stood:

Halie's adorable new stepsons
Here comes the bride!

You may now kiss the bride
Mr. & Mrs. Pullen!!
Mrs. Pullen & me!

And then my date, Sarah and I snuck away from the reception for a minute to check out the freeeeezing cold water of Wakulla Springs

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  1. Ahh love it! I didn't see this before, but I feel so honored to have a post written about ME (well OK, I guess it was actually about the wedding...) Love it!


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