Friday, October 11, 2013

The Trouble with Puppies

This is a sad post. And the fact that I stumbled across this blog today and found this specific blog post, I think is more than a coincidence. One of M.E.’s best buddies & groomsman had to have his sweet puppy, Ace, put down last night. It’s heartbreaking to think about that puppy smile no longer in this world. Natalie Jean said it perfectly:
“Puppies are a certain kind of heart break, I know that truth intimately. We love them like our children, though it isn't a fair comparison. When we bring babies into our family, we have every reason to believe that they will survive us. We plan for eighteen years plus the rest of our lives to love them, and barring illness or accidents, we do. But puppies won't stay for long. Ten years, fifteen at most. We bring these fur babies into our lives anyway, knowing full well that inevitably, they have to break our hearts. We willingly set ourselves up for this great, huge loss. We know the hole they are going to leave behind when they go. We know that puppies will always have to leave us too soon.”
I only knew Ace as an old man puppy, like very old, like in human years he was 98 at least. But when I saw him a few weeks ago he was still begging us to throw the ball. He would limp and slowly return it back to us and then beg some more. Gosh he drooled something gross but we didn’t hold it against him when he made our legs all slimy. According to his dad, pizza was his favorite food. He loved his daddy something awful, and his daddy loved him back. About a year ago, they lost their little friend Jack and the 3 musketeers became just a duo. They were roommates, besties, father & son, confidants.

I dread the day when we have to say goodbye to the Bo dog or when my parents have to say farewell to their Scout. But I have no doubt in my mind that there is a special doggy park in heaven with beggin’ strips a plenty and all of our furry friends are sitting patiently for their fur-parents to join them. 

Tonight we’ll drink one for you our furry friend! 

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  1. So sorry for your friends' pup! It is NEVER easy losing an animal, they TRULY are like family!!


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